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Debt Collection Newsletter - The Collector

Why use us to collect your outstanding debt?

No Collection - NO Commission!

Debt Collection agency, Pacific Mercantile has no hidden costs or fees. Our commission includes debt collection letters, debt collection phone calls, basic debtor location and client reporting. Even better - you only pay if we collect your debt!

To find out more about our No Collection - NO Commission email us today or call us on 1800 007 886.

Debt Collection Services Across Australia

With offices in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Perth, Pacific Mercantile offers their clients debt collection services and training across Australia. If you have debtors across Australia, email us today to find out how we can help you or call us on 1800 007 886.

Special Introductory Rate for New Clients

As an incentive to try our debt collection services, we offer you a very special introductory rate. Email us to find out more or call 1800 007 886.

Debt Collection Training

As times get tougher, it becomes more necessary to start the debt collection process as quickly and professionally as possible. We understand that some companies like to undertake their own debt collection proceedures prior to outsourcing their difficult debtors to debt collectors. Therefore Pacific Mercantile offers a range of debt collection seminars and debt collection courses designed to teach accounts departments successful debt collection methods.

To find out more about our debt collection training or to find out when the next course is being held, email us or call us on 1800 007 886.

Bulk Debt Collection Rates

Please email us to discuss our attractive bulk collection rates or call 1800 007 886.

Expert Debt Collectors

Pacific Mercantile strongly believe the key to our excellent service is our quality personnel and our compulsory debt collector training. We provide all our debt collectors compulsory training in (but not limited to):

Flexible Payment Methods for Debt Collection

To make it easy for your debtors to pay off their debt, we provide a wide range of payment methods. These include:

We Protect Your Good Name

We understand that your current debtors have the potential to return to being good clients. Therefore, we protect your name as if it were our own and treat all debtors in a firm but considerate manner.

Access to Extensive Debt Collection Technology and Proceedures

Pacific Mercantile is part of a large Australian owned company, The ARMS Global Group Pty Ltd. Therefore, we can offer our clients access to a range of advanced debt collection technology, support and proceedures.